Why are you called Five Cats Pedals

We’re a household of five cats…and we started making guitar pedals during lockdown 1 in the UK….the two things became Five Cats Pedals!

I emailed you but you've not replied...

Please bare with us. We run Five Cats Pedals aswell as full time jobs – so if we haven’t replied to you instantly, just take a little breather and we will get to you as soon as we can. Usually we get back to any emails within 48 hours.

Can you make me X/Y/Z pedal?

If you have a specific pedal you’d like building, or a specific idea for a variation of a pedal etc – drop us an email and we can discuss your requiremens and go from there.

Your pre-built pedals have 1-2 weeks lead time, why?

All of our pre-built pedals are built on a per order basis. You order it, we put the wheels in motion and get it built, tested, cased up, tested again and finally shipped out.  Quality takes time.

Do you ship outside of the UK?

We can! however – pleae get in touch with us first so we can get you an accurate quote and drop you an invoice.

Do you have a bricks and mortar shop I can visit?

The simple answer is…no.  We only sell online currently.

Can I visit your home?


Are you on social media?

We certinaly are – scroll down and you’ll find all of our social media links.

I'd like to stock your products...

Thanks! – If you’d like to discuss stocking Five Cats Pedals products please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.