3PDT Daughter Board – QTY 10 (free shipping!)


3PDT Daughterboard – makes wiring your offboard components and true-bypass super easy, and super quick!

NEW – Interactive B.O.M Helper

We include a standalone HTML file with each of our boards that helps show you what parts go where (find it in the “Build Docs & Extra Info” Tab)- just extract the zip file to a folder and open the .html file in your internet browser. You can use the table on the left to tick off the parts as you source them / add them to the board – we found its a very handy and a big shout out to Interactive HTML BOM Plugin which is a free plugin on GitHub used to generate these.

3PDT Switches - we all use them, 99.9% (don’t quote us on that) of pedal builds use 3PDT boards….but there's also a million different ways of wiring them up for true bypass. We can help ease that pain with our 3PDT Daughterboards. They have a super small footprint so don't take up much more room than your switch, and make wiring your offboard components a breeze! QTY: 10

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