Buffer Up – Cornish LD1 Clone

One of the best buffer’s around, in a tiny footprint!


Often something that's overlooked and a case of "but what does it do?" - this tiny little board can lift your tone to a new level. When you use super long cables or loads of pedals you can build up a mismatch of signal impedance and you lose that much wanted "shine".  Its hard to describe without trying it, but the difference with or without this buffer on your board is night and day - it really helps to get the sound you've always wanted.

It's super small (17 components) and fits in a 1590a with ease.


  • none - but you can wire it to a 3PDT if you wanted...but there's no point really.


Compares to: Pete Cornish LD1

Additional information

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Compares to Pete Cornish LD1
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