Delay Reverb Guitar Pedal – Five Cats Pedals / Jeds Peds – Sand of Time


Delay Reverb Pedal - Five Cats Pedals / Jeds Peds.

The board inside is a Jed's Peds Delay Reverb which has been hand built by Five Cats Pedals and put into a custom enclosure we've called the 'Sands of Time'.

Taken from JedsPeds "Another PT2399 based delay kit, at lower settings this is a lovely reverb effect, at higher settings this goes into slap back delay. The first time I played through it, I thought 'Lenny'  The delay time ranges from 40ms to 140ms. As the delay time is increased, more highs roll off. This kit is inspired by the Crap Fi Delays and provides hiss/noise free delay.  Then theres the mix knob to blend between the wet and dry signals. "

It's a one off enclosure, it sounds great and it look brilliant on any board!

Once it's gone - it's gone!

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