Dirty Aztec


Based on the EQD Acapulco Gold with an optional pre-gain mod.

Based on the EQD Acapulco Gold with an optional pre-gain mod.  The Dirty Aztec is a super distortion board based of the sound of a cranked vintage Model T amplifier. The original version came with just one dial...volume...and by god - this thing is loud!!! So, we added an optional "pre-gain" pot. This replace the volume pot on your guitar, allowing you to control the gain - again, this is an optional extra and if you want to build the board without it - just jumper it!

The tone is set with your guitar, so if you want a darker, moody, doom sound...roll down the tone knob on your guitar.


Pre-Gain Mod
Without the pre-gain pot, this board is....LOUD! The pre-gain acts the same as the volume control on your guitar, so if you don’t want to mess with the guitar volume pot whilst you’re playing - the pre-gain pot is for you!  However, if you want a one knob board that will fit in a 1590A and blow your ears  off....there’s a simple way to do it.

Use the leg of a diode or some wire, and jumper pins 2 + 3 of the pre-gain pot. This will bypass it. leave pin one empty. If you wanted you could also wire this to a trim pot and have an interal control, the order for the pins goes 1/2/3 starting at the square pad.





That's it, pre-gain by-passed. When you’re getting used to this pedal, we suggest the pre-gain all the way and slowly start the output at 1 and build up...then play around - it really is a face meltingly loud board!


Sound Clip (i'm not a pro player!)
Recorded with: Fender JA-90 - P90's on neck pickup on clean channel Fender Blues Deluxe

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Compares to EQD Acapulco Gold
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