Double Sho-Mon – zVex Super Duper 2-In-1 Clone

A sho…wait…2 SHO’s crammed onto one board with a master volume control and 2 foot switches…LOUDDDDD!


What’s better than one super hard on? Two..with an added master volume control! This is our take on the highly popular zVex Super Duper 2-in-1. Footswitch one controls a SHO, footswitch 2 controls the second SHO and the master volume control.  So you can have a SHO…or a SHO into a SHO for ultra boost – if you double SHO…you’ll be making use of that master volume control!

Due to the size of this board, you’ll need a 1590N size enclosure and make sure you read the build guide – measure twice, drill once as the saying goes!


  • Crackle (1)
  • Crackle (2)
  • Volume (works only when boost channel 2 is engaged)


Important Notes:
- Remember to socket your transistors
- the LEDs and Foot switches go on the back of the board
- the pots are wired off-board!
- you do not need a 3pdt daughter board for this - the 3pdt foot switches are mounted directly to the bottom main board.

Compares to: zVex Super Duper 2-In-1

Additional information

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Interactive B.O.M DOUBLE SHO-MON – Interactive B.O.M (.zip download)
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Compares to zVex Super Duper 2-In-1
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