Echoes – Faux Analog Echo Delay

Lovely warm tape echo style delay..mmmmm


This is our take on the brilliant Wampler Faux Analog Echo Delay, housed in a custom Gorva UV printed enclosure. It sounds as good as it looks!

A PT2399-based delay with analog direct signal path.This pedal gives a really natural-sounding delay, which is less harsh than some others giving a warm, vintage tape style echo. Delay time is between 25 - 600ms.


  • Delay
  • Level
  • Repeats
  • Tone

note: these are built to order so please allow 3 weeks at busier times.

Demo recorded with Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue, Tele with P90's in neck position - effect is engaged at around 17 seconds in...


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