Funk Machine – Seamoon Funk Machine Clone

Autowah / filter for guitar/bass…anything!


The Funk Machine is our take on the Seamoon Funk Machine (original version)

A filter effect that can be used on either bass or guitar (or synth, Rhodes, harmonica, etc). Sort of an auto wah, given that the wah effect is controlled by the string attack, harder you play - the more wah you get!

This is built for an LM1458, don't try to use a TL072 or JRC4558, as they will not work in the circuit.

Unlike alot of pedals, don't crack both dials to full to get the "full" effect, play around with both pots to find a funky sound that suits!


  • Frequency Shift
  • Depth

Note: Remember to socket any IC's and transistors!

Compares to: Seamoon Funk Machine

Additional information

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