Hammond 1590A,1590B,1590BB & 1590B Top Jack Drill Templates – Ultimate Pack

Super handy 1590a & 1590b drill / marking templates!


UPDATED PACK - now includes 1590B top mount jack template and 1590BB Drill Template

Our super popular 1590A and 1590B drill templates have been updated and now come with a 1590B Top mount jack drill template and 1590BB drill template too!

These give you loads of options for your drill holes, metal plated holes for strength, perfect size for a punch to fit in, handy markers on the side to match up your jacks and the 3pdt mark give you enough room to use one of our daughterboards if you wish.

These are general guides not for a specific board - so super handy!!

Just tape the template to your case and mark away!

You'll get:

1 x 1590A Template
1 x 1590B Template
1 x 1590BB Template
1 x 1590B Top Jack and power Template
Note: We take no responsibility for you drilling or marking your enclosure wrong - these are purely guides to help you. Remember what you were always told - measure twice, drill once. 

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