jFet Clean Boost Pedal


DESIGN UPDATE: November 2023 - Now in RED or BLACK!

Tim Escobedo Duende JFET Boost

...there we said it. Here's our take on this awesome boost pedal!

It's clean. It doesn't mess with your tone. It's versatile! and it also has a Massive Knob!

If you want to really push past the drummer and be heard - you won't be disappointed with this. Use it after your overdrive to simply push that tone louder. Use is before your overdrive and really hear the pedal crank.

If you've used a boost pedal before - you know how much of a great tool for any board they are - if you haven't you're missing out!!

Check out the video below for a demo on how flexible this really is (old style enclosure).

Yours for only £50 with free P&P!

Boost On!!!!!!!

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