Joyo Tremolo – Tremulator Mod Kit

The JOYO Tremolo mod kit can get you reallllly close to that Demeter Tremulator sound…at a fraction of the cost!


UPDATE: V2 of the kit released in 2023, removes the toggle and add's a volume/gain pot instead!

The JOYO Tremolo is a decent pedal out of the box, but with a few simple mods you can really open up the possibilities of the pedal and get reallllly close to that Demeter Tremulator a fraction of the cost!

The mod includes all the parts and a full colour, step by step guide on doing the mod. On a scale of 1-10 for difficulty, we'd say its a 3 - just follow the steps and take your time. The pot that replaces one of the resistors and allows you to change the wave shape from triangle to square, and everything in between! The other small mods all help to get close to that awesome Demeter Tremulator sound!

Sound demo is available here:

Please note: This is for the mod kit ONLY. It's not a mod kit installation service, nor does it include the pedal itself. We will email you a PDF copy of the instructions and the link will also be included in your kit pack when it arrives!

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