Llama Face – Red Llama 25th Anniversary Edition Clone


Llama in a box…what more can you ask for!

NEW – Interactive B.O.M Helper

We include a standalone HTML file with each of our boards that helps show you what parts go where (find it in the “Build Docs & Extra Info” Tab)- just extract the zip file to a folder and open the .html file in your internet browser. You can use the table on the left to tick off the parts as you source them / add them to the board – we found its a very handy and a big shout out to Interactive HTML BOM Plugin which is a free plugin on GitHub used to generate these.

A faithful take on the Way Huge Red Llama 25th Anniversary Edition Overdrive - bringing you everything from gentle, slight ODto full on, in your face distortion.

A note on this one - The output of the Llama Face is big.....REALLY big, you've been warned - start low!


  • Volume
  • Hi-Cut
  • Drive


Pin voltage for reference (guide only):

Pin Numbering on chips - Five Cats Pedals
1: 5.4v
2: 2.4v
3: 2.4v
4: 0v
5: 9.3v
6: 0v
7: 9.3v
8: 0v
9: 9.3v
10: 0v
11: 9.3v
12: 0v
13: 0v
14: 2.4v
15: 2.4v
16: 0v

Sound Clip (i'm not a pro player!)
Recorded with: Fender JA-90 - P90's on neck pickup on clean channel Fender Blues Deluxe