Mega Board Bundle – 01


A super value mega pack of all our favourite boards!

Mega Bundle Price:
£35 with free UK P&P
- saving over £15 on buying individual boards!

Whats included?
1 x Acapulco Gold
1 x Bbboost jFet Clean Boost
1 x Random Cats Noise Generator
1 x Lord of this World
1 x Carolina Reaper
2 x BMP Tonestack with LPB-10
3 x One Knob Fuzz'
1 x Ruby AmpUtility Boards:
10 x J201 SMD Adapters
10 x 3PDT Daughterboards
Acapulco Gold
Based on the EQD Acapulco Gold with an optional pre-gain mod.  The Dirty Aztec is a super distortion board based of the sound of a cranked vintage Model T amplifier. The original version came with just one dial...volume...and by god - this thing is loud!!! So, we added an optional "pre-gain" pot. This replace the volume pot on your guitar, allowing you to control the gain - again, this is an optional extra and if you want to build the board without it - just jumper it!The tone is set with your guitar, so if you want a darker, moody, doom sound...roll down the tone knob on your guitaBbboost
Tim Escobedo Duende JFET Boost
...there we said it. Here's our take on this awesome boost pedal PCB!Its so small, it fits in a 1590A enclosure and it's just bigger than a pot! It's clean. It doesn't mess with your tone. It's versatile! If you want to really push past the drummer and be heard - you won't be disappointed with this. Use it after your overdrive to simply push that tone louder. Use is before your overdrive and really hear the pedal crank.If you've used a boost pedal before - you know how much of a great tool for any board they are - if you haven't you're missing out!!

Random Cats
Like random? You’ll love this! The Random Cats is our take on the Random Number Generator by Mid-Fi Electronics. What goes in...does most definitely not come out!  The device creates fuzzy arpeggiations in random intervals. There’s one knob...its does exactly that!

Don’t expect anything aside from utter random sort of 80’s sounding midi octacve weirdness. If you’re good with that - then you know what you’re expecting.

Experiment with different transistors in this - see what sounds “good” to you! That's it - make some noise!

Lord of this World
The Lord of this World board is our take on the amazing Sabbra Cadabra by CatalinBread.

If you're looking for Sabbath tones - no need to look any further! This board is a custom rangemaster based boost with the pre-amp section of a Laney Supergroup. Want to riff like the legend that is Iommi? this is the one for you!  With four controls (RANGE, GAIN, PRESENCE, and VOL) it allows you to tweak the tone to get exactly what you want from your setup.

Carolina Reaper
You want hot? You want Fuzz? Try the Carolina Reaper if you dare... This board gives you a super fuzz with lashings of sustain. You can go from nice easy mellow, to mid scoop and even bright shiny fuzz. No biasing is required (nice bonus!!). It also responds really well to your guitars volume control - back it off to clean things up or smash it to 10 for hot fuzz!

Controls: Gain/Volume/Tone/Fat Switch. Once this is on your's not coming off!

BMP Tonestack with LPB-1
The classic BMP tonestack with an LPB-1 onboard! Add it to a new circuit, add it to an old circuit, stick it in a box on its own!  Its super versatile and compact - what more do you want! You can also build several tonestack variations with it!

One Knob Fuzz
So, you like Fuzz eh? Us too! Want to own any of these;

Colorsound 1-Knob Fuzz
D*A*M Meathead
D*A*M Meathead - Dark
Dr.Tony.Balls 1966
Black Arts Toneworks Ritual Fuzz

Without having to remortgage ? We gotcha! The One Knob Fuzz from Five Cats Pedals allows you to build any one of the above pedals!!

Each board comes with a complete parts list allowing you to build whichever variant you want.
This will fit in a 1590A's a tight fit, so plan ahead,
if you're using a 1590A, you'll need to wire the pot, not board mount it...just a tip 😉

Ruby Amp
The Ruby Amp from Five Cats Pedals is an LM386 based guitar amplifier board. It is an enhanced version of the previous Little Gem Amp designed by Runoffgroove. The main improvements of the Ruby Amp vs the Little Gem are new the input buffer, a volume control, and an updated Gain potentiometer.

The board mounts vertically from the pots and fits in a 1590B perfectly - but you could put it in any box you wanted!

These tiny little amp's can drive some surprisingly big speaker cabs!
You can wire it to run from a 9v battery or the usual 9v mains socket - we suggest the mains power!

J201 SMD Adapter
So many circuits call for the use of J201/2N5457 JFETS - which are out of production in TO-92 packages and a lot of the examples for sale online are sadly counterfeit.

Thankfully there are SMD versions of the transistors which are super cheap and easy to source. Our board allows you to solder an SMD JFET then use header pins (just bend the pins slightly outwards) or wire to connect to the standard DSG holes on the board.  We've also included a version on the back side for BJT's using CBE as these are moving more to SMD as time goes on.

3PDT Daughterboards
Wiring your own pedal? Having a nightmare with the 3DPT wiring? Seen 40 different ways of doing it? ....fear not!

The 3DPT Daughter Board adapter from Five Cats Pedals has you covered. Our simple board solders to the bottom of your 3DPT switch and has a space for an LED and CLR with simple solder points for Board Out, Board In, Ground, 9V In, Jack In / Jack In Ground & Jack Out Ground. They have a super small footprint so it doesn't take up loads of space in your build too, with careful drilling it fits in a 1590a!!

*** The build guides are available from our website and each board also has a downloadable interactive B.O.M builder to help you! ***

Stock up and save!

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