Mega Board Bundle – 02


Another great mega value pack of great boards!

Mega Bundle 2 Price:
£25 with free UK P&P
- saving over £15 on buying individual boards!
Whats included?
1 x Micro JTM
1 x Micro Tweed
1 x Micro Champ
1 x V Box
1 x Buddha Drive
1 x Bow Booster
1 x Buffer Up
1 x Spanker
1 x Llama FaceUtility Boards:
10 x 3PDT Daughterboards
Micro JTM
The Micro JTM is our take on the Lovepedal JTM.Designed to emulate the Marshall sound and based on the Electra circuit - it's simple but great!  We've added an optional Volume control which can be bypassed by jumpering pads 2+3 which are marked on the board. Check out our multi pack option for the Micro Tweed, Micro JTM & Micro Champ for only £10 with free p&p!Controls:

  • Bias
  • Volume- optional

Micro Tweed
The Micro Tweed is our faithful take on the Lovepedal Woodrow.This circuit, based of the Electra Distortion is designed to emulate the tone of a cranked Fender 5E3 Tweed Deluxe. You can swap and change your diodes in this to make it your own too - remember to socket!!We've added an option Gain pot to this one - if you dont want to have an adjustable gain, you can simply jumper pads 2+3 on the board (they are marked for you).


  • Volume
  • Gain - optional

Micro Champ
The Micro Champ is our take on the Lovepedal Champ.Designed to emulate the Fender Champ sound and based on the Electra circuit - it's simple but great!  You can get that great cranked champ sound at volumes that wont destroy your ears or your neighbors patience!


  • Volume

V Box
The V-Box is our faithful take on the Lovepedal Englishman Overdrive.

Designed to emulate the classic VOX AC15 / AC30 amps at the point of face melting breakdown - it's become a really popular pedal...with a really hefty price tag!The circuit will enhance the sound of any amplifier without altering the tone of your guitar. It can act as a super clean boost, semi clean boost, or with the volume & gain cranked higher, it is capable of pushing any amp into beautiful harmonic breakup, overdrive and distortion. With 3 way toggle modes, the “FAIL” switch goes from natural overdrive to downright amplifier distortion in a good way.Built around a single transistor and drawing from the EHX LPB-1 booster with switchable diodes at the output.


  • Volume
  • Gain
  • Fail (toggle)

Buddha Drive
A circuit that has found a great deal of love and praise - The Buddha Drive, is our take on the awesome LovePedal Hermida Audio Zendrive.The circuit is a low-to-medium gain overdrive, covering everything from blues to jazz tones. The circuit gives very light overdrive sounds - in the area of  tube amps set near the “sweet spot.” With the settings turned up a little more, gain and sustain are increased, producing tasty overdrive and low distortion.Want to use it for lead? No worries! You can crank this baby up all the way and it has a fantastic ability to add gain without losing punch or clarity!


  • Drive
  • Volume
  • Voice
  • Tone

Bow Booster
An all encompassing discrete tone sculpting preamp booster (according to EQD), it brightens up pedals and works well on neck pickups too!  With a single Level control, it will either boost or cut your signal. Use it with a fuzz to clean up some a touch to much bass, put it in front of an overdrive and push it harder - or use it solo and make your signal pop.  Fits in a 1590a!


  • Level- does what it says on the tin!

Buffer Up
Often something that's overlooked and a case of "but what does it do?" - this tiny little board can lift your tone to a new level. When you use super long cables or loads of pedals you can build up a mismatch of signal impedance and you lose that much wanted "shine".  Its hard to describe without trying it, but the difference with or without this buffer on your board is night and day - it really helps to get the sound you've always wanted.It's super small (17 components) and fits in a 1590a with ease.


  • none - but you can wire it to a 3PDT if you wanted...but there's no point really.

Is our take on the now discontinued EQD Speaker Cranker - A great simple build that supplies a low gain OD in a small footprint, low component beginner build. You can build this in a 1590A with one pot – or build it in a bigger enclosure with off board mounted pots and include the volume pot – this addition is super useful if you’re playing in your bedroom and not at Wembley!


  • Gain
  • Volume (optional)

LLama Face
A faithful take on the Way Huge Red Llama 25th Anniversary Edition Overdrive - bringing you everything from gentle, slight ODto full on, in your face distortion.A note on this one - The output of the Llama Face is big.....REALLY big, you've been warned - start low!


  • Volume
  • Hi-Cut
  • Drive

3PDT Daughterboards
Wiring your own pedal? Having a nightmare with the 3DPT wiring? Seen 40 different ways of doing it? ....fear not!

The 3DPT Daughter Board adapter from Five Cats Pedals has you covered. Our simple board solders to the bottom of your 3DPT switch and has a space for an LED and CLR with simple solder points for Board Out, Board In, Ground, 9V In, Jack In / Jack In Ground & Jack Out Ground. They have a super small footprint so it doesn't take up loads of space in your build too, with careful drilling it fits in a 1590a!!

*** The build guides are available for each board (just use the search) on our website and each board also has a downloadable interactive B.O.M builder to help you! ***

Stock up and save!

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