Mega Utility Board Bundle – 01

A super pack for all your utility boards!


Mega Utility Board Bundle - 01:
£40 with free UK P&P
- saving £20 on buying individual boards!
Whats included?

1 x Set of Drill templates
(HAMMOND 1590a, 1590b, 1590B Top Mount & 1590BB)
(GOJIRA M45, C60, C60 Top Mount & C90)
10 x 3PDT Daughterboards
10 x 3PDT Order Switcher Daughterboards
2 x Peak DCA Speedy Transistor Adapters
10 x SO8 to DIP 8 Adapters
10 x SO16 to DIP 16 Adapters
5 x 9V Inverter boards


Stock up and save!

Additional information

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