Morningstar Distortion – Revv G4 Clone

A super distorion mega board!


The Morningstar Distortion is our take on the Revv G4

You want a thick, saturated distortion? The Morningstar Distortion is for you! Featuring a 3-Band hybrid EQ, built on a Baxandall control for bass and treble, plus an active mid control after volume, making sure you can dial this pedal in any way you want it, yet keeping on the definition you need on each frequency. Its a beast!!

Designed to fit in a 1590BB size enclosure - fitting 5 pot and a toggle in a 1590b just adds the the diy challenge!


  • Volume
  • Gain
  • Treble
  • Mid
  • Bass
  • Character (toggle switch) – (Tight / Classic / Fat)

Note: Remember to socket any IC's and transistors.

Compares to: Revv G4

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