Percolate Me


A really great fuzz that’s going to live on your board!

NEW – Interactive B.O.M Helper

We include a standalone HTML file with each of our boards that helps show you what parts go where (find it in the “Build Docs & Extra Info” Tab)- just extract the zip file to a folder and open the .html file in your internet browser. You can use the table on the left to tick off the parts as you source them / add them to the board – we found its a very handy and a big shout out to Interactive HTML BOM Plugin which is a free plugin on GitHub used to generate these.

Getting your hands on and affording an InterFax HP-1 Harmonic Percolator is a hard job these days! So here we have the Percolate Me! A great board and a really great fuzz that fits in a 1590B! The original came with sliders - but lets face it - thats a pain in the a$$ for 99% of DIYer's so we've used pots instead.  Once this is on your board - you'll have a hard time taking it off!


  • Balance
  • Harmonics