SMD to TO-92 Adapter – QTY 10


A super small SMD to TO-92 adapter – dual sided for JFET or BJT

So many circuits call for the use of J201/2N5457 JFETS - which are out of production in TO-92 packages and a lot of the examples for sale online are sadly counterfeit. Thankfully there are SMD versions of the transistors which are super cheap and easy to source.  Our board allows you to solder an SMD JFET then use header pins (just bend the pins slightly outwards) or wire to connect to the standard DSG holes on the board.  We've also included a version on the back side for BJT's using CBE as these are moving more to SMD as time goes on.

The examples in the gallery show our board being used with a J201 on our boost pcb. You can see how tiny they are!

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