SRV Drive & Boost – Limited Edition Pedal


The SRV Sound you’ve been looking for!

SRV Boost - Limited Edition Pedal

A super limited (3) run of the SRV Boost .

This dual footswitch beast is a Lovepedal Super Six Stevie clone with an added clean boost that can be used before or after the effect or as a boost on its own, a true 2 for 1 job!

Recreating the sound of a blackface at the 6 mark, the versatility of this pedal is crazy! If youre looking for the SRV sound - you've found it.

We've only made a run of 3 and one has already sold!

Made in a premium govra enclosure, uv printed by @gojirafx & handwired by us using top quality parts.

£130 with free UK recorded delivery.

The SRV Boost in action from our of our customers! Thanks Alex!

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