Super Mega Bundle!


A huge pack of some of the most popular boards, in a mega saving option!

It's a HUGE pack of our top 12 boards with a 3PDT Daughterboard for each and a 10 pack of order toggle boards.

To buy them separately would be £75 - we're selling these packs for only £50 with FREE DELIVERY.

The pack includes:

Deep Down (EQD Depths Clone)
Jimi Fuzz (JH-F1 Clone)
Rattus (Multi option ProCo RAT)
Buzzumble (Third Man Records Bumble Buzz Clone)
DuckDuck (Nurse Quacky Clone)
SRV Drive (Love Pedal Super Six Stevie Mod Clone)
Llama Face (Red Llama 25th Anniversary Edition Clone)
Scorpion Boost (Catalinbread Naga Viper Clone)
Texan Jingle (Cesar Diaz Texas Ranger Clone)
V Box (Lovepedal Englishman Overdrive Clone)
Zonky (John Hornby Skewes Zonk Machine MKI)
Micro MX (MXR MicroAmp Clone)

+ 12 x 3PDT Daughterboards
+ 5 x 3PDT Order Toggle Daughterboards

Additional information

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