The M Drive – Emerson Custom EM Drive Transparent Overdrive Clone


Another tiny board that gained a really big following, a great beginner board for overdrive and boost!

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Here's a really simple, great beginner project!

The "transparent overdrive" circuit was one of those pedals that was the must have, mystical tone give a few years ago - which still commands a hefty price today.

It's been compared to a KLON and a Timmy - the original uses fancy paper in oil don't need them...don't get suckered into that hype! The board is super small and has 8 components (including the pots!!).  A really nice used as a mild overdrive or just a clean boost, then crank the gain and you'll get a nice bluesy sound.  You can also run it from 18V if you want more headroom and boost (just make sure your components are rated to deal with that voltage!


  • Gain
  • Volume


Note: Remember to socket your transistor.

Compares to: Emerson Custom EM-DRIVE Transparent Overdrive