Vesuvius Fuzz


Vesuvius really loud fuzz. This board is a modded version of the EQD Erupter.

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Vesuvius Fuzz - really loud fuzz. This board is a modded version of the EQD Erupter, using some easier to find transistors and extra trim pots for ease.

The main dial set at 12 o’clock gives you a slight volume boost and days of sustain. Turning it left and you get a more gated, lower output - turn it to the right and you get a louder, more refined.  Our board has an additional trim pot for output volume which can also be wired to a pot to give you additional control over the output. We've also added a trim pot to make it easier to adjust the feedback resistor - easier than swapping/changing resistors around aint it!


  • Bias
  • Volume (internal trim pot)

Compares to: EQD Erupter

Additional information

Compares To EQD Erupter with volume mod
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