Buffer Up Custom 1590a Pedal – Cornish LD1 Clone


One of the best buffers around!

Buffer Up Custom 1590a Pedal - Cornish LD1 Clone

A tiny buffer you didn't know you needed!

A buffer at the start of your signal chain REALLY helps to pull back in any lost top end during the signal chain.  Long cables and countless true-bypass pedals all add to signal degredation - ever noticed how your guitar straight into your amp always sounds a little bit...cleaner? - well you need a buffer in your life!

These are build in Hammond 1590A boxes with custom metallic sparkle finish (if you want a different finish get in touch) and are an "always on" pedal - no switches, no knobs - plug in and forget!

Standard negative centre 9V power supply (Boss style like 99% of modern pedals!).
Each pedal is built to order so please allow 14 working days for delivery.

£60 with free UK recorded delivery.

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