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Mar 17, 2022 | General Pedal Building

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ID Type Pinout Datasheet Search
J201 N-Channel J-Fet J201 Datasheet
J112 N-Channel J-Fet J112 Datasheet
J113 N-Channel J-Fet J113 Datasheet
BC107 NPN – Metal Can BC107 Datasheet
BC183L NPN BC183L Datasheet
BC108 NPN – Metal Can BC108 Datasheet
BC109 NPN – Metal Can BC109 Datasheet
BC177 PNP – Metal Can BC177 Datasheet
2N5087 PNP 2N5087 Datasheet
2N5088 NPN 2N5088 Datasheet
MPSA13 NPN Darlington MPSA13 Datasheet
MPSA18 NPN Darlington MPSA18 Datasheet
2N5089 NPN 2N5089 Datasheet
2N3906 PNP 2N3906 Datasheet
2N3904 NPN 2N3904 Datasheet
2N2222 NPN 2N2222 Datasheet
2N2222 NPN 2N2222 Datasheet
2N2222A NPN 2N2222A Datasheet
2N4401 NPN 2N4401 Datasheet
2N5458 N-Channel J-Fet 2N5458 Datasheet
2N7000 N-Channel Mosfet 2N7000 Datasheet
BS170 N-Channel Mosfet BS170 Datasheet
MPF102 N-Channel J-Fet MPF102 Datasheet
OC44 Germanium PNP OC44 Datasheet
OC45 Germanium PNP OC45 Datasheet
OC71 Germanium PNP OC71 Datasheet
OC75 Germanium PNP OC75 Datasheet
OC76 Germanium PNP OC76 Datasheet
OC140 Germanium PNP OC140 Datasheet
OC81 Germanium PNP OC81 Datasheet
OC81D Germanium PNP OC81D Datasheet
AC125 Germanium PNP AC125 Datasheet
AC128 Germanium PNP AC128 Datasheet
AC188 Germanium PNP AC188 Datasheet
AC187 Germanium PNP AC187 Datasheet
NTK75 Germanium PNP NTK75 Datasheet
2N4125 NPN 2N4125 Datasheet
2N5459 N-Channel J-Fet 2N5459 Datasheet