Reading capacitor codes

Nov 9, 2023 | Misc

This is something that I struggled with for a while and I still have moments where my brain just won’t work it out 🙂 – so don’t panic…you’re not on your own!

Box Caps

We’ll start with covering box caps as these can be the trickiest to get your head around – nail these and the rest are easy!

In the images below you can see a standard looking box cap top view . Each cap in the examples below are split into 3 parts, Base Value, Tolerance and Voltage.

Reading box cap values
Reading box cap values

Tolerance Codes

These codes appear in both ceramic/disc and box caps – the lower the letter in the alphabet…the lower the tolerance. In general terms, unless you’re building a boutique Klon to exacting standards…10% tolerance or less is what you’re aiming for.