DuckDuck – Nurse Quacky Clone

Auto-wah goodness!


The DuckDuck is our take on the Nurse Quacky

To quote Home-Wrecker  "The Nurse Quacky is the result of suggested mods by Mark Hammer, the aforementioned improvements by Jack Orman as found in the Dr. Quack, and my own dissatisfaction with the Dr. Q's shortcomings. The Nurse Quacky is not intended as a competitor or successor to the Dr. Quack (hence the demoted title)."

Its a really cool Auto-Wah/Envelope filter that works great on guitar or bass, the harder you play - the more wah you get!


  • Attack
  • Sensitivity
  • Range

Note: Remember to socket any IC's and transistors!

Compares to: Nurse Quacky

Additional information

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Compares to Nurse Quacky
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