Marshall Guv’Nor 2 Modkit


Turn your MKII Guv’Nor into the much sort after MKI Guv’nor, without having to trawl eBay and lose a kidney to pay for it.

Who doesn't like the Marshall Guv'Nor 2 pedal? that's right...nobody!

Want that mk2 pedal to sound just like the elusive mk1 with addition of an extra tone control? This mod is for you! It's a really simple mod that involves removing and replacing a few resistor and capacitors to really hone in that MK1 sound!

Everything you need comes in the kit!

Please note: This is for the mod kit ONLY. It's not a mod kit installation service, nor does it include the pedal itself. We will email you a PDF copy of the instructions and the link will also be included in your kit pack when it arrives! It goes without saying - but if you bust your pedal doing this mod - it's on you! We simply provide a full colour guide and the components.

Additional information

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