Texan Jingle – Cesar Diaz Texas Ranger Clone


Glassy, bluesy, SRV tones!

The Texan Jingle  is our take on the  Cesar Diaz Texas Ranger

The Texan Jingle is based on the Cesar Diaz Texas Ranger....which is what the another very popular texassy pedal is based on.  The Texas Twang uses super rare NTE transistors...all well and good if you want to spaff £200 on a pedal to chase the SRV Sound, our board on the other hand lets you get that sound with a far more common transistor.

Glassy blues tone...without mortgage payment money.


  • Volume
  • Low/Mid/High (on/off/on toggle)

Note: Remember to socket any IC's and transistors!

Compares to:  Cesar Diaz Texas Ranger

Additional information

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Compares to Cesar Diaz Texas Ranger
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