V Box – Lovepedal Englishman Overdrive Clone


Emulate the great VOX AC15 / AC30 without having to sell a kidney!

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The V-Box is our faithful take on the Lovepedal Englishman Overdrive.

Designed to emulate the classic VOX AC15 / AC30 amps at the point of face melting breakdown - it's become a really popular pedal...with a really hefty price tag!

The circuit will enhance the sound of any amplifier without altering the tone of your guitar. It can act as a super clean boost, semi clean boost, or with the volume & gain cranked higher, it is capable of pushing any amp into beautiful harmonic breakup, overdrive and distortion. With 3 way toggle modes, the “FAIL” switch goes from natural overdrive to downright amplifier distortion in a good way.

Built around a single transistor and drawing from the EHX LPB-1 booster with switchable diodes at the output.


  • Volume
  • Gain
  • Fail (toggle)


Note: Remember to socket your transistor.

Compares to: Lovepedal Englishman Overdrive