Vintage PCB – Fuzz Face ISS1 & ISS2 – Dual Pack

Vintage style PCB for the classic Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face IIS1 & ISS2 – Dual Fuzz Pack


These are 1:1 replicas of the orginal Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face ISS1 and ISS2 PCB's (ISS1 = PNP / ISS2 = NPN) - using modern FR4 material and a black finish.

If you're looking for a great vintage style fuzz case for your build, go check out the guys over at:
Fuzz Cases Logo


  • Fuzz
  • Volume

- Remember to socket your transistors untill you find a selection you like!
- ISS1 : This is a POSITIVE GROUND board - do not daisy chain it with your standard BOSS style negative center pedal

Additional information

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