Volenuator – Classic Black Finish – Passive Volume Attenuator

Introducing the Volenuator. The stylish, hand wired and expertly finished Volume Attenuator, designed to compliment your amp – in classic black.


Introducing the Volenuator - Classic Black Finish. The stylish, hand wired and expertly finished Passive Volume Attenuator, designed to compliment your amp.

Designed by Five Cats Pedals (that's not five individual cats sat down soldering and testing...sadly!) to help you enjoy your Fender© Blues Deluxe ,Fender© Hotrod Deluxe (including the reissues) or any amp with an FX Loop at a bedroom level without blowing out your ear drums or starting a war with your neighbours.


How does is work?

It's easy. You simply plug a patch cable into the FX OUT on your amp, into the IN jack on the Volenuator, then a patch cable from the FX RETURN to the OUT jack on the Volenuator.

The Volenuator then becomes a master volume control, giving you much more precise control over the volume on the amp.

Check out the demo:

Better control = bedroom levels + no complaints! (And it looks cool as!!)



We can tell you it works on the Fender© Blues Deluxe or Fender© Hotrod Deluxe and reissues. It should also work on any amp with an FX Loop - that said we don't own every amp in the world (working on it!!) so there maybe cases where this isn't true - but if you have any issues at all, we're more than happy to step in and help! We've just tested it in a Fender RocPro 700 (remember those!?) and again, it works a treat!



We're currently selling 'The Tweed' (available in our other listing)which is covered using Authentic Fender© Tweed as used on the reissue amp series, and also a 'Classic Black' which is powder coated black!

However if you would like a varnished or tolex finish, get in touch as we can certainly talk about your requirements.

We only use top quality components and enclosures combined with Authentic Fender© Tweed.

Each Volenuator is hand built, tested and packaged to ensure you get the product you deserve - so build/shipping times maybe up to 7 days at busy periods.

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