Deep Down – EQD Depths Clone


One of the best analog vibes around!

The Deep Down is our take on the EQD Depths

An awesome optical vibe circuit. This thing is incredible - you can get full bottom of the sea swirly, trippy madness or just a gentle vibe.

There's a lot going on with this board, so we decided to make it for use in a 1590BB size enclosure - this gives the DIY builder more space on the board and an easier time drilling up for all 5 knobs!



  • Intensity: This controls how subtle or intense the overall effect is. Counterclockwise from noon are the more subtle, classic sounds. Clockwise from noon are the more drastic and intense sounds.
  • Voice: Dials in the overall sound. Turn it clockwise for a fuller sound with more lows, bring it back for a thinner, more midrange focused tone.
  • Rate: Controls the speed of the effect. Counterclockwise for slow, clockwise for fast.
  • Level: Controls the volume of the effect. Unity is around 1 o’clock, everything above that is boost.
  • Throb: This controls the low end pulse. It may not be immediately evident on the bridge pickup, but switch to the neck or add some dirt and it comes alive. All the way up for more throb, dial it back for less. Works best when the Voice is set to a warmer tone.

Note: Remember to socket any IC's and transistors and refer to the build docs for details of setting up the LDR's!

Compares to: EQD Depths

  1. Deep Down Demo - Five Cats Pedals

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