Cleaning your PCB after soldering

Oct 29, 2021 | General Pedal Building

So you’ve finished your board, everything’s working…but the back of the board looks like a flux induced crime scene. Here we’ll go through the simple steps of cleaning off that excess flux to get your board looking all shiny and professional.

What do you need?

  • Isopropanol 99%
  • Cotton buds / cotton pads / old toothbrush
  • Small mist/spray bottle

How to clean your board?

The first step is to pour some of your Isopropanol into the mist/spray bottle – you will use far less this way and it’s a lot easier to use!

The next step is easy…simply spray one/two squirts of Isopropanol onto the back of the board, then give it a few seconds and gently work it around with the cotton buds/pads/toothbrush – you’ll see the excess flux being removed and your clean board coming to life! If you find your cotton bud/pad is starting to snag, just grab a new one. You may need to re-spray depending how stubborn the flux is!


Pre-cleaning of PCB


Post cleaning of PCB

How much better is that?!

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